333 litre plastic mortar tub – new product launch |

333 litre plastic mortar tub – new product launch

Dragon Building Products – part of the Corilla Group of companies – has launched a specially developed 333 litre plastic mortar tub for the construction industry.

The white, UV-protected, one-piece plastic moulded tub has been specifically designed for heavy duty use and incorporates several unique features. Unlike more conventional products, a fork lift truck can manoeuvre the Dragon tub around a building site by picking it up from either under the rim or under the base – a much-welcomed time and manpower saving feature over the traditional use of a crane with ropes, chains or slings.  Neither the base of the tub nor its feet can become detached by impact.

The conveniently sized tubs – 1075mm long, 920mm wide and 585mm high – are delivered directly from the Dragon Building Products’ factory in Bridgend, South Wales, on a pallet of 15 units, at a cost of £46.62 (ex VAT) each.

The new 333 litre mortar tub complements Dragon’s existing range of specialist plastic products for the building industry, all of which pass through rigorous quality control processes before leaving the factory.

Buy the 333 litre tub here.