Keep it clean: getting more from your mortar tub

To the frustration of many purchasing managers, builders often forget to clean out the mortar tubs towards the end of the working day (and even when they do, it’s not always up to scratch). While Dragon mortar tubs are already competitively priced – they are also built to last and keep site programmes moving at a pace.

So, when you get your tub there are some top tips you need to remember on keeping it clean to keep your build moving.


  1. Carefully pop off hardened blobs of mortar with a wooden stick or something similar – trying to avoid damaging the plastic tub.


  1. Collect all loosened mortar – use suitable industrial cleaning apparatus if possible. This will help avoid scraping the sides and protect the lifespan of your tub.


  1. For the more stubborn bits, take a non-abrasive cleaner and give the tub a good scrub! Alternatively, a pressure washer will work just as well.


Following these three simple steps can help to keep mortar tubs clean and ready to report for duty the next day – speeding up onsite processes, supporting efficiency and reducing waste!

But, we are well aware that sometimes this just isn’t possible…

So, when you do need to replace your tubs, we’re here to save the day!

We’ve made it our priority at Dragon to ensure your construction consumables remain at consumable prices. Not only this, but we hold in stock an array of colours and sizes of mortar tubs to suit your requirements and can get them to your site for the very next day.

So, if you need to get a plastic mortar tub on your site, view our product range today: