Encouraging more sustainable manufacturing

Every business should be aiming to embrace a more responsible and sustainable business model that reflects the impact it has on the environment and its commitment to inflicting as minimal adverse damage as possible.

As the UK construction and manufacturing industries have an obligation to reduce waste and increase recyclate whenever appropriate, at Dragon Building Products we have taken steps to increase use of recycled products on building sites and encourage a more sustainable way of manufacturing for our future.

With a range of recycled products already on offer to our construction customers, at Dragon Building Products we have also been working alongside Resilience Sustainable Solutions Ltd, Cardiff University and Green Edge Applications on the research and development of sustainable manufacturing solutions for the construction industry, spearheaded by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme).

The ambition is to reach 80% – 100% recyclate without compromising on quality of the twin-skin mortar tubs, whilst also hoping to establish a circular economy model to collect waste mortar tubs for re-manufacture.