More than a mortar tub… |

More than a mortar tub…

It’s not surprising that our company name has become synonymous with plastic mortar tubs. Afterall, we’re the ones who pioneered the manufacture of these construction commodities to provide a cost effective, lightweight and durable alternative to traditional metal versions…

But what might come as a surprise is that these tried and tested tubs (and when we say tested, we mean some serious dropping from height without any breakages), are making a moo-ve into agricultural applications far away from the usual building sites.

Farmers have fast realised that the robustness of our mortar tubs deliver a reliable and sturdy solution to keep livestock fed and watered during even the harshest of weather. And in the very unlikely event that a Dragon tub is damaged by a horse hoof, cow kick or sheep shove, our next day delivery means normal service is resumed back on the farm in no time at all and for very little expense.

Plus, with a whopping capacity of up to 333 litres, our tubs hold more than enough to keep the animals hydrated during the dry summer months… and can harvest plenty of rainwater when the wet season lands. Of course, for the smaller mouths to feed and water there’s a wide choice of lower capacity tubs too!

Helping to blend into the green land, our tubs come in a standard range of colours to suit the agricultural environment – but that’s not to say we can’t match to any RAL if requested.

In fact, given we manufacture all the tubs at our in-house facility, when it comes to flexibility and design, we can pretty much produce to any specification.

So, when you think of Dragon Building Products remember that we are much more than mortar tubs… and that our tubs are not only made for mortar!

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