Ridge Mate - the roofer bucket holder and work platform


Ridge Mate

£20.00 Ex. VAT

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Ridge Mate

£20.00 Ex. VAT

Ridge Mate is the ultimate roofer bucket holder, tool holder and work platform.

When you’re working on a roof,  whether that’s laying/repairing ridges, doing lead work or working on a chimney, then Ridge Mate is for you.

This specialist product fits neatly over a ridge to provide a stable platform to hold tools and has been designed with an insert to take a bucket for mortar.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Ridge Mate is rotationally moulded from high strength, durable Polyethelene plastic for a hard wearing, long lasting product.

It’s strong enough to stand on, providing a handy and safe hop up work platform on the ground too.

The Ridge Mate is 43 cm x 43 cm wide and 35cm tall.