The Building Blocks of Mortar Tub Buying |

The Building Blocks of Mortar Tub Buying

As pioneers of the manufacture of plastic building products that replace its heavy and easily damaged metal counterparts, it’s safe to say that at Dragon Building Products we know a thing or two about mortar tubs.

Our experience in the manufacture of these tubs has stemmed over 40 years, and our products have been designed, tried and tested for the building yard. The UK construction industry is full of products to keep the site bustling and builders building but, although an important commodity that almost every site has, not all mortar tubs are made equal.  

Bringing you the best of our experience, here are our tub top tips for making the right buying choice.

  • Design

The design of a mortar tub is integral to its performance. Ensuring a product has been designed with the site in mind is key for its life in construction. Our one piece moulded tubs have been manufactured for heavy duty use and to avoid the detachment of feet and base – keeping your site programme moving.

  • Tried and tested

Reliability is essential on a building site to avoid disruption. Don’t damage your reputation by falling victim to poor products. We can personally guarantee the quality of our mortar tubs, because we have tried and tested them ourselves… watch our drop test video here!

  • Size matters

Different sites have different requirements that need to be satisfied… It is important that your building products provider can offer you flexibility of choice. From 250 litres, upwards to 333 litres, our mortar tubs are guaranteed to meet the needs of individual sites and our next day delivery means quick replacements if you need a new tub, fast!

  • Recycle right

Being able to certify a product’s recyclability can help to streamline the audit trail and demonstrate a real commitment to helping the environment – reducing paperwork and saving time.

  • Go green, or in fact any colour!

Sometimes you need to stand out from the crowd. If you want to make a statement with your mortar tubs on-site you need a supplier who manufactures products in-house. What does this mean? Well, this means that you can choose any colour you like to brand your construction commodities – just send us over the Pantone reference!

Mortar tubs are our area of speciality, and anything we don’t know about tubs… probably isn’t worth knowing! So, view our entire product range here and get some Dragon on your site.