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Quality Comes First, Always

At Dragon, we pride ourselves on our reputation. Renowned amongst some of the nation’s biggest and best housebuilders and contractors, our robust plastic products find themselves on building sites in all corners of the UK. One reason for this is our commitment to quality. Quality must always come first in construction. No matter where you […]

Keep it clean: getting more from your mortar tub

To the frustration of many purchasing managers, builders often forget to clean out the mortar tubs towards the end of the working day (and even when they do, it’s not always up to scratch). While Dragon mortar tubs are already competitively priced – they are also built to last and keep site programmes moving at […]

Get What you Pay for with Dragon

The phrase ‘get what you pay for’ gets banded around quite often, but it’s usually tainted with negative connotations. Traditionally used in distaste at a product that was ineffective and cheap, at Dragon Building Products, we want to change that. Because, we truly believe that with us, you DO get what you pay for – […]

Striving for a Win with Twin-Skin

As leading manufacturers in the production of plastic building products, our high-quality, durable and reliable commodities have been the foundation of our success. We also recognise that ‘plastic’ has been tarred with a broad bad brush over the last few years and we’ve worked hard to do our bit in making sure that our manufacturing […]

Brighter, Bolder, Buffer – New Colours in the Twin-skin Range

At Dragon Building Products, mortar tubs are our area of speciality. Committed to ensuring we provide the UK construction industry with the very best, we can personally guarantee the performance of all our mortar tubs. But that’s not all. We wanted to ensure that our products can handle everything the building site has to throw […]

Keeping the Costs of Construction Consumables at Bay

If you were to describe a builder’s yard, one word you wouldn’t be inclined to use is ‘tidy’. Much as a building site isn’t dirt free, often the bustling environment is so busy that the simple tasks get overlooked to ensure the project stays on track. We are of course talking about – cleaning out […]

One Plasterer’s Bath… On The Rocks

It’s the first week of December and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… businesses are getting quieter; shops are getting busier and many people are running around (like headless turkeys) trying to make sure everything is ready for the festive season. From food and drink, to presents and decorations, Christmas is a time […]

The Building Blocks of Mortar Tub Buying

As pioneers of the manufacture of plastic building products that replace its heavy and easily damaged metal counterparts, it’s safe to say that at Dragon Building Products we know a thing or two about mortar tubs. Our experience in the manufacture of these tubs has stemmed over 40 years, and our products have been designed, […]

More than a mortar tub…

It’s not surprising that our company name has become synonymous with plastic mortar tubs. Afterall, we’re the ones who pioneered the manufacture of these construction commodities to provide a cost effective, lightweight and durable alternative to traditional metal versions… But what might come as a surprise is that these tried and tested tubs (and when […]